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Story Behind the Game

One summer night, I woke up in the middle of the night with the thought of buying a mansplaining game. I found two games online that had mansplaining as the theme but weren't exactly what I was looking for. The next day while at HEB, a local grocery store, I called my college friend Jordan to complain about it. Jordan suggested we just make our own game for us and our friends. Since I was stuck working from home because of the pandemic, it seemed like a great idea! We then started coming up with ideas for mechanics for the game.


Jordan & Kervin 



Eventually I had to go back into the office for in-person work. My co-workers asked me what I was up to. When I mentioned the game I was working on, my coworkers were very interested and wanted to play it. I made a prototype out of index cards and brought it to work. They played my prototype and loved it. They all asked me when it would be done and when they could buy it. I quickly realized I'd stumbled upon something more than I'd bargained for. I am going to need art. I had become good friends with a professional body painter, Mariana, so I asked her to do the art for the game. I began researching what it takes to start a business and publish a board game. We settled on having the art of the game based on comic books. We decided to make expansions to enlarge the content for the game at the request of our playtesters. I joined TikTok, started making videos, and the rest is history!

Board game TikTok has been absolutely amazing. I'm super happy to be a part of the community. Thanks so much for your support. 



September 2021


May 2022

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