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Allow Me to Mansplain Base Game

The base game is the core of Allow Me to Mansplain. Each game contains 2 Scorecards, 2 Resin Tokens, 20 Opening Cards, 9 Define Cards, 9 Explain Cards, and 10 Compare Cards

Allow Me to Mansplain Expansions

The expansions give more content for the game around a certain theme.  Each expansion includes 27 cards of additional content. 

Urban Expansion

This expansion was requested by some of our play testers, a majority of whom were black women.  It shows our appreciation for black culture. 

Black-Cosplay Print-30.jpg
Black-Cosplay Print-20.jpg

Suburban Expansion

This expansion was inspired by one of the most diverse suburbs in Houston in which one of our game developers lives.

White - Politics Print-30.jpg
White - Politics Print-09.jpg

Cosplay Expansion

This expansion is an introduction to the cosplay hobby. One of our artists, Marianna, is a very active cosplayer. 

Black-Cosplay Print-32.jpg
Black-Cosplay Print-54.jpg

Politics Expansion

This expansion covers general knowledge on politics in America. When discussing mansplaining with our play-testers, politics consistently made the top 5 things that were often being mansplained.

White - Politics Print-35.jpg
White - Politics Print-37.jpg
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