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Made in the USA  

Published by: For Why Games

4+ players

Ages 13+

Est Time to play: 35  mins

Allow Me to Mansplain Rules

Allow Me to Mansplain by For Why Games is a conversational party game that gives players the opportunity to test out their mansplaining skills! With outrageous openings and a variety of topics, play the game that asks your teammates to guess what you are trying to mansplain to them. 

To mansplain can be defined as explaining to someone, typically a man doing so to a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.  The topics being explained are often something that requires no explanation or subjects they know less about than the audience.


Correctly guess the topics being mansplained to score points. The team with the most points after 2 rounds wins.


2 Pow Bubble Tokens

2 Scorecards

9 Define Cards

9 Explain Cards

10 Compare Cards

20 Opening Cards

Set up

-Separate into 2 teams. Organize the cards by color and design into 4 piles facing down. Each team will get a scoring card and a pow bubble token to keep score.  

-The team with the person that has been mansplained to or who has been accused of mansplaining most recently goes first.  If neither apply, whomever the players think is most likely to mansplain goes first. 


-  Define and Explain topics are worth 1 point each. Compare cards are worth 2 points each.

-  Points are doubled for round 2 and the mansplainer now becomes the moderator and the moderator becomes the mansplainer.

- Score is kept by using the scorecard and moving the pow bubble token onto the number of points scored


- The game is played in 2 rounds. Each round will have 1 team member mansplain and their teammate(s) guess 2 topics in each of the 3 categories for each round. The mansplainer for each team for the first round will draw a rainbow card (opening card) and a red card (define card). Each card has 4 total topics and each team will mansplain two connected by a black or colored line.

- Once mansplainers have their 2 topics from the define card, they will mansplain to their teammates(s). Before mansplaining a topic, the category and an opening line from the opening card will be read aloud. Some words may need to be added to the opening to grammatically transition into the mansplain. 

-After the first team mansplains their first topic, the second team will mansplain their first topic on the define card. Teams will continue to alternate topics from the category cards.

-When choosing the second topic to mansplain on the card, the second topic must be connected to the first topic by either the black line or the colored line.

-Once each team finishes mansplaining two topics, the category card is passed to the moderator and the mansplainer will draw another opening card (rainbow) and an explain card (purple). Continue the same process. 

-Once each team finishes the explain card, pass the explain card to the opposing team’s moderator and draw another opening card and a compare card (gold). Once the gold card is completed, that will signal the end of round 1.

-The moderators of round 1 will now become the mansplainers for round 2 and mansplainers for round 1 will now be the moderators for round 2.

-  Each team gets two guesses in round 1 and one guess in round 2. There is no time limit in either round. Just like in real life, if the mansplainer doesn’t know what the topic is, they should make it up and try anyway.

-  When mansplaining a topic, you may not use a word or derivative of a word of the topic. If you do, a member of the opposing team (moderator) will end that mansplaining speech and the mansplainer will move on to the next word.

General Gameplay


The category is Define/Explain/Compare.*Reads opening and starts mansplaining*

Teammates: I think I know what _________ is.

Mansplainer: Are you sure you know what _______ is?

Teammates: Yes.

*If correct, go to the next topic. If incorrect and with guesses remaining, reread the opening and mansplain again. If the max number of guesses has been used, move onto the next topic after saying “You should have known what ________ is/are”

Gameplay when mansplainer makes a mistake

Mansplainer:  The Category is Define/Explain/Compare. *Reads opening and starts mansplaining but accidentally uses a word of the topic*.

Moderator: “Well actually you just broke rules.” *Explains how rules were broken”

The mansplainer turn ends. 

Practice Example 1 (correct answer)

Define topic: birthday card

Opening: At least my first girlfriend knew

Mansplainer: The category is define. At least my first girlfriend knew about this item that you receive in the mail once a year from your parents or grandparents; often written with a cute note, signed and has money or a gift card in it that you get on your special time.

Teammates: I think I know what a birthday card is.

Mansplainer: Are you sure you know what a birthday card is?

Teammates: Yes

Practice Example 2 (wrong answer with no more guesses)

Compare Topic: children and adults

Opening: If you had a proper education

Mansplainer: The category is compare.  If you had a proper education, you’d know about these two types of human beings. One is smaller and one is larger. Anyone under 18 is considered one of these and anyone over 18 is considered the other.

Teammates: I think I know what minors and adults are.

Mansplainer: Are you sure you know what minors and adults are?

Teammates: Yes

Mansplainer: You don’t know what children and adults are. 

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